Roof Replacement

Roof Replacement

Roof Replacement on the Gold Coast

Hamilton Roofing uses qualified traders people in all types of roof replacement Gold Coast wide, and will skilfully replace your existing roof with brand new Colorbond® or Zincalume® steel to the highest standards.

Roof Removal 

We can remove your roof no matter what it’s made of. The most common materials we remove are tiles, decromastic roofs and older metal roofs. We use fully licenced tradespeople to remove roofing made partly or fully from asbestos, so you can rest assured that no risks are involved in the elimination of any potentially harmful materials.

A Complete Service Package

At Hamilton Roofing you are guaranteed to receive exceptional service throughout the course of your project with us. If needed, we will provide all necessary works associated with roof removal and roof replacement on the Gold Coast including:

  • Supply of safety equipment to meet current Workplace Health and Safety requirements
  • Replacement of existing gutters or downpipes, or installation of new products to coordinate with the Colorbond® design scheme
  • Installation of new insulation to reduce your heating and cooling costs, increase energy efficiency and reduce the carbon footprint of your home
  • Replacement or reinstallation of skylights and ventilation
  • Rescrewing and tying down of existing timber battens to meet current BCA requirements
  • Cleanup and disposal of all rubbish – we aim to leave no trace
  • Coordination with any other required traders to ensure a smooth flow on your project

Update Your Home with Our Roof Replacement Gold Coast Team

Replacing your roofing not only improves safety and protection from the elements but also gives a boost to the exterior appearance of your home. At Hamilton Roofing we use only the best quality materials including Colorbond® and Zincalume® steels to make sure your home will look its best for decades to come.

Why Choose Hamilton for Reroofing Gold Coast?

At Hamilton Roofing we do not believe that the size of a job determines the performance of our company. We apply the same level of commitment to one downpipe or a small pergola roof as we do to a large project, such as Varsity Lakes College, of over 10,000 square metres.

To make an enquiry about Hamilton reroofing in the Gold Coast area call us now on 1800-ROOFING/1800 766 346 or visit our contact page for more ways to get in touch.  

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