Roofing And Walling Profiles


BlueScope Lysaght Custom Orb® Min 5° Pitch

Stratco CGI Corrugated Min 5° Pitch

Stramit Corrugated Min 5° Pitch

Metroll Corodek® Min 5° Pitch


BlueScope Lysaght Trimdek® Min 2° Pitch

Stratco Superdek® Min 2° Pitch

Stramit Monoclad® Min 2° Pitch

Metroll Trimclad® Min 2° Pitch

Close Pitch Trapezoidal

BlueScope Lysaght Spandek® Min 3° Pitch

Stratco Smartspan® Min 2° Pitch

Stramit Longspan® Min 1.5° Pitch

Metroll Metrospan® Min 2° Pitch

Conceal Fixed

BlueScope Lysaght Klip-Lok 700® Hi-Strength .42 BMT Min 2° Pitch .48 BMT Min 1° Pitch

Stratco Topdek® 700 Min 1° Pitch

Stramit Speed Deck Ultra® Min 1° Pitch

Metroll Metlok 700® Min 1° Pitch

Mini Corrugated

BlueScope Lysaght Mini Orb®

Stratco CGI Mini

Stramit Mini Corry®

Metroll Mini Corodek®

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