A cover at the top of a gap that weatherproofs, typically at the ridge of a pitched roof.


Chimney Gutter

See Soaker


CGI Corrugated

See Roofing Profiles


CGI Mini

See Walling Profiles



Sheeting that encloses a building-roofing and walling.


Close Pitched Trapezoidal


Colorbond® steel with Activate™ technology

From Bluescope Steel, New Colorbond® steel's substrate is protected by a patented coating with Activate™ technology that features the addition of two magnesium compounds into the zinc and aluminium alloy.  The strategically positioned magnesium causes aluminium in the metal coating to more actively protect areas of the base steel following exposure from cutting, drilling or wear.


Conceal-Fixed Roofing





Corrugated Roofing

Custom Folded Barge Capping

Custom Folded Barge Capping

Examples of custom made flashings below. See Barge for definition.


Custom Blue Orb


Custom Orb

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