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The Top 5 Reasons You Should Replace Your Old Roof For A New Insulated One


The roof is one of the most important yet most neglected parts of the home. Year after year, roofs are left to take care of themselves, as they age, break, and accumulate wear and tear. While this isn’t a good look for your house, there are plenty of functional reasons why you should upgrade your roof also.

If you have an uninsulated roof then your household’s costs, general comfort, and even your greenhouse emissions could be higher than they need to be. These aren’t the only ways an insulated roof can help you though. In fact, the following are 5 great reasons to upgrade your roof and invest in insulation.

1. Make Life Easier for Your Air Con

Air conditioning and heating appliances are some of the hardest working in your home, especially when it comes to the really hot and really cold months. Throughout Australia, we experience all the extremes, and that’s why it’s important to give these systems a helping hand.

Insulation in your roof and throughout your home can save you up to 40 percent on your heating and cooling bills. They do this by preventing the hot air from entering your house in summer, and trapping cold air in winter. With these savings, an insulated roof is truly an investment that will pay dividends.

2. Go Green with Your Roof

When you reduce your energy use you also reduce your greenhouse gas emissions, making insulated roofing an easy way to go green. Many types of roof insulation are also made from recycled products, meaning the production process protects the environment too. If you’re worried about your carbon footprint on planet earth, then insulated roofing is a great step to take.

3. Create a Quiet Home

Many types of insulation also have great soundproofing qualities, helping you to create a quieter home and promote a good night’s sleep. Insulation keeps out the noise by absorbing, reflecting or deflecting it.

This is ideal to dull the sounds of rain and wind whipping past your roof, as well as any critters that might crawl around at night. Coupled with wall and floor insulation, it can also help to reduce any echo throughout your house.

4. Another Creature Comfort

Just like a comfy couch to spend your nights or a pair of slippers on a cold morning, roof insulation can enhance your living experience. This is essentially achieved through the combination of its other benefits. It will improve the temperature in your home, dampen the impact of excessive noises, and even reduce your household bills. All of these elements combined are sure to have the lasting impacts that not even your slippers can match!

5. Curb Your Condensation

When your roof cavity becomes colder than the air around it, condensation is likely to occur. This causes moisture to develop in your roof, promoting mould, and increasing the likelihood and corrosion and structural damage. To protect your home and improve your air quality, invest in insulated roofing. Insulation can increase the temperature of your roof, while also providing a physical barrier, providing a dual-action against condensation and excess moisture.

If you’re looking to invest in insulated roofing in South East Queensland, the guys at Hamilton Roofing are the team for you. We can replace your old roof, providing superior insulating qualities. Contact us online today for a quote and to get started, or call us on 07 5598 4127 and speak to the roofing experts.

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