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Staying Safe on the Roof


Roof accidents have some of the highest statistics of home injuries. Many people don’t realise that the safety precautions to being on the roof extend beyond making sure your ladder is safe. In almost all situations, it’s best to bring in the professionals.

If you do plan on climbing high, here’s what you should know about staying safe on your roof.


Dress Appropriately for the Job

If you’re going to be up on the roof for hours at a time, it’s essential that you dress right for the weather and the task you’re about to start. Not only will you need to wear clothes that will protect you regardless of the season, but you also need to consider that it gets hotter on the roof than you think, and heatstroke is a definite possibility if you stay on the roof for too long on a warm Queensland day.


Equip Yourself with Footwear and Safety Accessories

It’s not just your clothes that will need careful choosing. Sturdy work boots are essential on the roof to avoid slipping over. It’s also important to include safety glasses, a hard hat and work gloves to help you grip the ladder and roof.


If the Weather is Windy, Stay Down!

Don’t ever attempt going on the roof on a windy day, even if you think it’s only mildly windy or the job is a small one. You’ll find it feels far windier on the roof than on the ground, and that’s not a situation someone who is inexperienced with climbing roofs should be in.


Use a Safety Harness

When you think about the fact that slipping off a roof is what causes most roof-related injuries and deaths, it’s worth investing in a harness. A good quality safety harness will protect you from injury if you should fall. Some roofs are surprisingly steep and particular types of roofs, such as Colorbond roofs, may be slippery. Don’t take the risk and go on a roof without protection.


Buy a High-Quality Safety Ladder

There’s no replacement for a good quality ladder when you’re about to get on the roof. The ladder should be extendable to help you reach the roof safely. You can also consider securing the ladder to your roof by fastening it. A ladder should never wobble or move when you are climbing it.


Does all this sound far too time-consuming, dangerous and expensive to buy all the appropriate tools? You’d be right! Hamilton Roofing provides only the most superior roofing supplies and installation on the Gold Coast. With over 25 years of experience, we can get the job done without you risking your life for it. We pride ourselves on exceptional workmanship as well as making sure the job is done on time, every time. For a free quote, contact us on 1800 766 346 today.

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