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A Roof for All Seasons


A Roof for All Seasons

No matter where you live in Australia, it’s common to experience four seasons in one day, and all types of weather can affect your roof. There can also be harsh summers and long winters. In the Gold Coast, while we’re lucky to have beautiful weather a lot of the time, seasonal weather can make an impact on your roofing system. It’s important to maintain your roof all year ‘round to ensure you don’t get any nasty surprises that will end up costing you in repairs, roof replacement and inconvenience!

Here’s how you can make sure your roof stays its best through summer, autumn winter and spring.


When it comes to roofing, summer has definite benefits. There’s no frost or constant damp to worry about, but that doesn’t mean you’re completely safe as summer storms in the Gold Coast can hit hard. There are a few things to check for during summertime when it comes to your roof.

  • Paint and sealant: Keep an eye on the colour of your roof. The strong summer sun can cause your paint to fade or your sealant to shrink away. Both of these can lead to a damaged roof.
  • Make any needed repairs: A dry period is a good time to fix any damaged parts of your roof. Use the sunny weather to bring in the professionals and have your roof maintained and repaired before the wet rolls around.


Autumn brings the lovely fall of leaves. While it might be pretty, it can be damaging to roofs as it causes blocked gutters and other problems. Keep your guttering clear and maintained during this season to prevent the damage that can come from winter. A professional service can help ensure your roof is properly sealed before the harsher months roll around.

If you’re considering a complete roof replacement, autumn is the perfect time to get that underway. You’ll save on heating bills in winter if your roof provides the perfect insulation for your home.


Winter is one of the hardest seasons on your roof, particularly if it hasn’t been maintained and repaired prior. Frosts can be harmful to roofing systems and rain can cause unmaintained areas of roofing to deteriorate quickly. If you haven’t maintained your roof before winter hits, keep a close eye on it and contact a professional to ensure your rain gutters are clear and able to hold any heavy downpours that might come your way.


Spring is a great time to prepare your roof for the harsher seasons to follow. There’s not much of a threat to your roof in spring, so now is the time to determine if the other seasons have caused damage and make any necessary repairs now to ensure that your roof stays in great condition for the rest of the year and you don’t need to worry about any pesky leaks or other problems occurring at the worst possible time!

Hamilton Roofing provides only the most superior roofing supplies and installation on the Gold Coast. With over 25 years of experience, we’re your perfect choice for all things roofing. We pride ourselves on exceptional workmanship as well as making sure the job is done on time, every time. For a free quote, contact us on 1800 766 346 today.


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