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Roof Checks When Buying a New Home


Roof Checks When Buying a New Home

When purchasing a property, it’s vital to carry out a thorough building inspection first, and this must include the roof. At Hamilton Roofing, we recommend arranging a visit by professional contractors, but there are a number of checks you can carry out yourself during an initial inspection.


Guttering may look fine from ground level, but it could turn out to be damaged under closer inspection. Make sure to check gutters from their top side to find any corrosion or rust, and check all the way around the house to make sure gutters are properly fixed in place with no bent fixings or sagging.


Walk around the perimeter of your new property to verify that any downpipes lead to a proper drain or soak well, and don’t empty straight onto the ground. If there are any signs of flooding or excess water around the bases of the downpipes, this can be a sign that costly maintenance is needed to clean them out to extend the size of drains.

Special Surfaces

If there are any specially coated surfaces such as Colorbond or other powder-coated roofing, gutters or fascias then you should check that they’re not damaged in any way as deep scratches, dents or perforations can invalidate the manufacturer’s warranty.


If the roof of your new property is insulated, then you’ll need to check that it’s been properly and fully installed throughout the roof space. Insulation can settle and compact over time which reduces its effectiveness. If what’s there is less than 50mm in thickness, it should be topped up for maximum thermal efficiency. 


Metal roof flashing is there to protect roof edges, valleys and joints between roofing and features such as chimneys, skylights and vent pipes. If this flashing deteriorates it leads to leaks which can undermine the strength of the whole roof structure. Check the joins around every obstruction to make sure none of the flashing needs replacing.


For older roofs, it can be unsafe to walk over the roof for a close up inspection as it’s hard to be sure there are no significant cracks or weak spots. In this case, you can check the roof from the inside, looking for water damage and any visible outside light. You should also check that supportive battens are in good condition and any light fittings in the roof space aren’t in direct contact with insulation materials as this is a fire risk.

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