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Is It Time to Replace Your Roof?


More often than not roofs are largely forgotten about until something is wrong. The roof is one of the most important protective aspects of a home, and yet can be one of the most neglected. The costs of continual repairs on an older roof can really add up, so making the decision to undergo a full replacement can be a wise investment for the future, to keep your family safe and protected as well as giving your home an exterior makeover.

Here are some key signs that it’s time to replace your roof:

Visible Sagging

This is a serious issue and if you can see sagging in your roof from the exterior or interior then it’s time to get in a professional. A sagging roof is generally an indication of a structural issue, and can mean that the frame itself needs replacing. It’s unlikely that you’re in danger straight away so there’s no need to panic, but get the ball rolling for a replacement as soon as possible.

Signs of Water Damage

Dark spots, damp spots or leaking are signs that your roof is not doing its job. These could be identified from an exterior view or an internal inspection, as the location of water damage will vary depending on its cause. Key spots are guttering, flashing and areas around roofing features such as skylights or chimneys. Sometimes water damage can be fixed with a simple repair, but if the problem gets worse, a replacement is the best way to protect your home for the future.

An Ageing Roof

The expected lifetime of your roof will depend on what it’s made from, but generally if it’s over 20 years old then it’s a good idea to get it checked. Shingles are expected to last for around 20 years; metal roofing should last much longer. If neighbours with homes built at the same time as yours are starting to get roof replacements, this can indicate that your roof is also nearing its useful life.

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