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How to Look After Your Gutters


Gutters and downpipes are an important part of the protection your roof provides. Healthy gutters can be easily maintained and should last for a long time, but when problems are neglected, damage can spread and you may need to replace the whole system. 

Follow our tips below to protect your home by looking after your gutters:


Inspect Regularly

The best way to know what kind of shape your gutters are in is to check them out!

Rather than waiting until you notice a problem, try to check your gutters through the year, especially during the autumn and winter months when leaf build-ups are more likely, and rain on damaged guttering can lead to leaks. Check for signs of corrosion, holes, leaking joints and missing or damaged gutter hangers.


Clean Them Out

Gutters are designed to carry water away from your roof and safely into appropriate drains, so if there’s debris in the way, they can’t do their job. Depending on the amount and type of debris, it could be removed by hand, or by using a handheld blower or outdoor vacuum.

Leaves and plant debris are easiest to remove on dry days when they can be simply blown away, so take advantage of sunny winter days to do some gutter maintenance. Start at downpipes and work your way in from there, taking care not to further compact any waste as you go.


Check the Downpipes

If it seems that you have a clog in the system causing a leak, but it isn’t removed by cleaning the main guttering then it’s likely to be a problem in a downpipe. Remove the elbow joint where the pipe connects to the gutter and inspect for clogs – try running a garden hose at full power through the downpipe to break down a clog, or use a plumber’s snake to manually break it up.


Patch and Repair

Small holes and cracks can often be repaired with a gutter patching kit from your local DIY store. Any rust you find during an inspection should be removed with a wire brush to prevent it from causing further damage.


Replace Serious Damage

If repairs are no longer enough to keep your gutter functioning as it should, you can replace individual sections or downpipes. Hamilton Roofing can install new parts or renovate the whole system, including removal and disposal of your old guttering.


Install Gutter Guards 

If you’ve just installed new gutters or cleaned and repaired your existing ones, you can make sure they stay in great condition for as long as possible by using a mesh gutter guard. These will prevent your gutters from filling with leaves and debris, and mean less maintenance work for you in the future.

Hamilton Roofing has been leading the way in Gold Coast roofing supplies and installation for over 25 years with thousands of happy customers. To make an enquiry or get a free quote for your new guttering or downpipes, call us now on 1800-766-346 or visit our contact page for more ways to get in touch.

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