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How to Find the Right Roofing Contractor


The roof of your home or business is what protects you and your possessions from the elements and as such choosing a reliable roofing contractor to complete any works is crucial. When making this kind of significant investment, you need to be sure that your money is safe and the work will be of a high standard.

Finding a contractor who is trustworthy, reputable and professional may sound tricky but by following our advice below you can be sure you’re making an informed decision.

Choose Local

One of the safest ways of choosing a contractor is to stick with local businesses. These contractors will be more familiar with local rules and code regulations, and will have existing relationships with local suppliers and trades people. If a company is reputable it will be successful in the local community as friends and neighbours share information on positive experiences.

Verify Licenses and Insurance

Make sure that the company you choose has the required insurances and liability coverage for your state, and check that any insurance will cover the entire span of the installation project. Find out what business licenses are required in your area and ask the contractor for proof that they have these. There’s a reason that the offers from some budget contractors seem too good to be true – and it’s likely to be cheap or weak insurance and a lack of proper licensing.

Check References 

A positive review gives you faith in the products and services provided by a roofing company. When choosing your roofing contractor, ask for references or check their website for reviews from previous happy customers to find out whether you can trust that they’ll be reliable, timely and pleasant to deal with.

Word of mouth is an important way for companies to gain new business, and now the internet allows us to spread the word about positive or negative experiences much easier, so use it to your advantage!

Safety First

A contractor without a formal safety programme may not be the best person for your job. Find out if those working on your roof will be supplied with the required safety equipment, and have received appropriate safety training.

Know What’s Included 

Before signing any works agreement, make sure you know exactly what services you will be receiving. Does a re-roofing service include disposal of the old materials? Will the contractor be obliged to clean up any rubbish or debris created by their trades people? Will there be a thorough check of completed work by a supervisor to ensure it’s up to standard? To make the process as easy as possible for you as a customer, it’s important to agree on these kinds of additional services before the work is begun. 

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