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How to Choose the Right Roof


A new roof is a significant investment and choosing the right solution for your property requires thorough research. Whether you’re replacing old and damaged materials, or updating your roof for cosmetic reasons as part of home renovations, you’ll want to make sure you’re fully informed regarding what’s available and which options are best for your individual needs.

Below are our 5 top considerations for choosing the right roof:



Before embarking on a roofing project, you need to make sure you’re getting a quality product for your money. You want to be safe in the knowledge that you’re going to get the full protection from the elements that you need to keep you and your family safe and dry and comfortable through the seasons. Plus, you need to know that the great appearance of a new roof will last.

A metal roof is a great option to cover all of these factors as they resist cracking, peeling and corrosion and will stay looking good for longer than their shingle or asphalt counterparts.


Consider Your Climate

The roof you choose has to be the right one for your location. In the Gold Coast area, you’ll need a material that can handle the sun and reflect heat to help cooling in summer. Hamilton Roofing supply Colorbond® steel which is available in a range of thermally efficient light colours tested in the Australian climate and designed to help keep your home cooler on hot days.


Local Area Regulations 

In some areas, there may be restrictions on the style, material or colours you can use for your roof. You can check with your local council to find out if there are any regulations affecting your area, or simply choose a local contractor for your project as they will be familiar with your community’s guidelines.


Personal Style

There are a huge variety of profiles, styles and colours available in modern roofing. When choosing a new roof you can pick a colour to complement your existing architectural style, or design a roof to dictate a new aesthetic for a home makeover. Hamilton Roofing supply 20 different possible profiles of roofing material, and if you opt to use Colorbond® steel, you can choose from a huge range of different colours based upon contemporary and classic themes.



When making the financial decision to get a new roof, it’s important to know exactly what lifespan you can expect for your money. In terms of longevity, a metal roof often presents the safest investment as they should last far longer than concrete tile roofing, and will usually require less repairs and maintenance over time, due to their impressive resilience and durability.

Hamilton Roofing has been leading the way in Gold Coast roofing supplies and installation for over 25 years with thousands of happy customers. To make an enquiry or get a free quote for your next project, call us now on 1800-766-346, or visit our contact page for more ways to get in touch.

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