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Do You Need Roof Repairs Or Replacements? Here Are 5 Signs That You Do!


Having a roof over our heads is one of those things that we sometimes take for granted, and it’s all too easy to forget to take care of them. The realisation that we need a new roof – or to do some repairs – usually only comes when we notice a major leak. By then the price tag on your roof restoration can be fairly high, so it’s important to spot the signs as early as possible. But what are the signs that it’s time to pay some extra attention to our roofs? Here are 5 important ones.

1. The Age Question

Taking a closer look at the age of your roof is very important. Usually you can expect 20-25 years out of a roof before its aches and pains start to backfire on you. This will of course depend on the type of roof you choose to invest in. Beyond this though, many older roofs don’t have proper ventilation, an important investment for modern roofing.

2. Blistering, Buckling, Rotting and More

Said simply, this is all about visible exterior damage. Are the roof tiles on the outside of your roof curled or buckling? Looking to the slopes of your roof is a good way to check this. Maybe your roof has cracked tiles, or dark spots that indicate mould. Often, a visual check will reveal only minor damage that simply repairs can fix, but unfortunately, sometimes, a complete roof replacement will be required.

3. How Are the Drains?

One part of the roof that many people forget to include in their checks is the drainage – namely gutters and downpipes. If drains and pipes aren’t functioning correctly, this could cause serious problems in the case of heavy rain. Sometimes this is simply due to blockage and debris – which can be unblocked – but there may also be structural damage that will need to be attended to.

4. The Light Test

If you have an attic, or an easily accessible roof cavity, then the light test is a sure thing for spotting roof damage, and it’s easy and fast to do. Basically, this involves heading up to the roof and looking up. If you see any daylight peering down at you through the roof, then you have structural damage on your roof. This could range from minor repairs to more serious problem. Get a roofing expert to see to that immediately.

5. Examine the Roof Valleys

The valleys in your roof are parts where two parts of the roof meet. They are also responsible for directing rainfall towards your gutters. This makes them seriously vulnerable if they are compromised. Be sure to look closely at the roof roof tiles around your valleys. If these are damaged then your valley is too, and this is likely a sign that you need a new roof.

So there you have it, 5 signs that you might need roof replacements. If your roof is in bad shape around the Gold Coast or South East Queensland, then give the experts at Hamilton Roofing a call on 07 5598 4127 or contact our friendly experts and ask us about a quote.

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