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Common Roofing Problems and Their Solutions


It doesn’t matter what your roof type is, they all share a common list of issues that can affect the structural integrity of your home. Thankfully, common problems usually come with solutions, or they can completely be avoided with routine maintenance and repair. Knowing what common problems you might face means you’ll be able to identify and fix the problem before a minor nuisance turns into a major one.

In this article, we’re discussing some common roofing problems and how to get them sorted as soon as possible.


H2: Leaky Roofs

Hearing the dripping sound of a leaky roof can be a torturous nightmare. While it might seem like a good idea to pop a bucket under it and worry about it later, the effects of a leaky roof can be incredibly harmful and possibly cause the ceiling to collapse if the roof isn’t repaired by professionals as soon as possible. Excessive moisture also causes mould and rot in your ceiling which can be harmful to your health.


Nesting Animals or Critters

Birds and other small animals can cause problems. Nesting birds can damage your roof and also cause damage due to acid buildup from excessive amounts of bird droppings. If you suspect animals are playing a part in damaging your roof, bring in professional advice on how to relocate them quickly.



Another common problem that can cause damage to your roof is overhanging tree branches. If you can hear a tree rubbing on your roof on a windy day, there’s a good chance it’s slowly destroying your roof. Of course, these branches may eventually break and fall on the roof, causing even more damage. The solution to this problem is simple – remove the tree completely if it has the potential to fall or break or have it trimmed on a regular basis to keep branches clear of your roof.


Improper Installation

It’s not unheard of for a roof to be installed incorrectly and its entire life expectancy is reduced because of it. If you have a chimney, heating or cooling system or vent pipes in your roof, it’s important to check these are installed correctly as they require the roof to be penetrated. If they aren’t installed properly, you will be susceptible to roof and home damage as moisture or other problems arise.


Age and Lack of Maintenance

All roof types have a lifespan, and all roofs can have their lifespan extended with high-quality, regular maintenance. If you notice your roof is ageing, put a plan in place to get it routinely checked so that minor problems don’t become major ones.

Hamilton Roofing provides only the most superior roofing supplies and installation on the Gold Coast. With over 25 years of experience, we know every common roofing problem under the sun and we’re your perfect choice in identifying and repairing the issue. We pride ourselves on exceptional workmanship as well as making sure the job is done within your timeframes. For a free quote, contact us on 1800 766 346 today.



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