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How to Choose the Right Colour for your Roof


Choosing the right colour for your roof can be a bit confusing. You have multiple choices of colour, and you obviously want to achieve a perfect look. You may be surprised to learn, however, that there are also a few possible technical issues, in terms of energy efficiency, as well. We are going to give you a few tips to simplify the selection process.

Colour Choices

Colour choices are basically a matter of matching your roof colour to the colour of your exterior. In theory, you can simply match the roof colour choices with the wall colour, but that still leaves you with multiple choices.

In practice, there is a much easier way to match colours. For example:

  • Light walls/ dark/neutral roofing: Typically, lighter coloured walls are contrasted with darker or neutral roof colours. 
  • Tone and colours of exterior/ tone contrast roofing: This is a combination mix of colours. For example, a white wall with brown wooden window frames would look good with a green roof.
  • Vivid contrast: This entails the use of a colour like red in direct contrast to the overall look of the exterior. White walls and a red roof, for example are a strong contrast.
  • The modern look, tones and colours: Modern homes typically use a wide range of tones like off-wide, grey, black, and various muted shades of standard roofing colours. Your roofing can be either contrasting or coordinated using similar tones in a light/dark mix


The good news is with this way of assessing colours, you can have a lot of fun choosing your roofing. With a little patience, you can find some truly fabulous colour combinations, particularly with the latest Colorbond® roofing.


Energy Efficiency and Roofing Colours

 Roofing colours do impact your energy usage and are relevant to your choice of roofing. As you know, darker colours absorb heat, and lighter colours reflect heat.


  • What if you want a darker coloured roof? Darker colours and tones absorb heat more than lighter ones. Does that necessarily mean you spend more on air conditioning? It’s a question of how you manage heat in your roofing. If you use insulated metal roofing, you’re well protected against temperature variations if you have a darker roof colour.
  • How about a lighter coloured roof? Lighter colours do reflect heat. That said, in an Australian summer there’s a lot of heat. Don’t expect too much from your roof in terms of managing heat. A lighter colour will affect the heat conducted by the roof, but your roof is also used as part of your interior heat management.


Roofing Insulation

 Insulation insures against heat issues with roofing in hot or cold weather. The main energy issue with roofing is gaining or losing heat. In practice, you need a stable interior temperature to minimise energy usage. Just remember the effects of colours on appearance and possible heat management issues, and enjoy choosing your new roof.


Looking for A Great Selection of Roofing Colours on the Gold Coast?

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