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All about Gutters and Downpipes


Picture this, you’ve been living in your home for 5 to 10 years now, and not once have you investigated your gutters or downpipes. Given that they are an essential component of your roofing, it’s worth understanding what they are, how to maintain them and what to do if they get damaged.

Here’s our handy guide to everything you need to know about your gutters and downpipes so that you can ensure your home is maintained well and your roof, gutters and downpipes reach their maximum lifespan.


What are Downpipes?

Downpipes have so many names that it can get confusing for anyone. Downpipes, otherwise known as rainwater pipes or a downspout, is the pipe that is attached to the side of your home and collects the rain water from your roof.


Where Does Downpipe Water Go?

Water that accumulates in your downpipe can go into a nearby sewer or be collected to disperse on your property.

What You Should Consider When Installing Downpipes

They might seem like a minor part of your overall home, but quality downpipes should be installed by professionals as they are essential for keeping your roof free of rain build-up and safe from damage caused by heavy rain. Downpipes come in a range of materials and qualities so it’s important to discuss with a professional which style of downpipe will suit your home, shed or office building best. Downpipes typically can be Colorbond, Zincalume, PVC, stainless steel or galvanised.

Where are the Gutters in Your Home?

 Your home’s gutters are located underneath the edge of your roof. They are like a shallow trough to carry rainwater in your downpipes.


What Should You Know About Your Gutters?

Gutters need to be maintained and inspected regularly. Leaf litter can build up in your gutters and cause a blockage in the rainwater running through your downpipes. This can increase water build up which can lead to roof damage.


Gutter Guards

Gutter guards are a mesh that can be installed on your gutter to eliminate leaf and debris build-up. To maximise the life of your gutter and your downpipes, Hamilton Roofing highly recommends having gutter guards installed.


Give Your Gutters and Downpipes the Best Treatment

Hamilton Roofing provides only the most superior roofing supplies and installation on the Gold Coast. With over 25 years of experience, we know everything you need to know about gutters and downpipes, from the best materials to the importance of correct installation. 

We pride ourselves on exceptional workmanship as well as making sure the job is done perfectly within your timeframe and budget. For a free quote, contact us on 1800 766 346 today.

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All about Gutters and Downpipes

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